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Asmaa Chaudhry British Asian Lawyer
Asmaa Chaudhry UK Lawyer


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Hi, meet Asmaa Chaudhry fed by all things creative

Hi, Meet Asmaa Chaudhry! Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Fashionista, Radio Presenter & producer, Web Tv host, Journalist, Author, Poetess, Scriptwriter and fitness enthusiast . Read more 

A fully qualified British Asian successful lawyer

Asmaa completed her legal professional degree (LL.B) and Master’s degree in Commercial law from the University of Huddersfield in 2011. During her time at the university she was voted Read More

 An experienced talented  media professional

Web TV & Radio Shows, Commercials, Short Dramas, Featured Stories, Newsreader & Researcher, Writer, Free-lance Journalist, Producer and Actress. She  recognizes because of her unique style Read More


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Asmaa's Breakfast Show
Asmaa Chaudhry’s Breakfast Show on UK based Channel
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Asmaa's features and reports
Local Sheffield Dance Practitioners
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