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  • "I found Miss Asmaa Chaudhry extremely hard working. During her stay in a Law office, I had an opportunity to observe her analytical and research skills minutely. In view of my observation, I can say that she has been a person who would lead issues with a lot of ease. I also found her a very pleasant, eloquent and cooperative person who creates a friendly environment around her and can adjust well in any organization. I can say with confidence that she possesses the intellectual curiosity and aptitude to be very successful in every walk of life. She is a mature and assertive lady who is willing to work hard and preserve to achieve her goals. She is well prepared with the background and good study habits to be successful in every field of life. I wish you all the best”.

    — Miss Razia Sultana

    Lawyer at High Courts

  • “I found Asmaa Chaudhry a very deserving person having a versatile quality, nature wise, she is very sensitive, possessive, dynamic leadership capabilities, and also a very devoted friend”.

    — Izhar Dakhan

    CEO at Sittari Enterprises

  • “As hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves; but I found Asmaa Chaudhry who does not turn up at all. We studied together at the University of Huddersfield, we spent lots of quality of time with each other that was the reason I found her very intelligent; having great knowledge of technology and leadership quality that help her in every field of life. Wishing her a great success in her life.”

    — Hina Khan

    Lawyer at High Courts

  • “It gives me immense pleasure to write something about Miss Asmaa Chaudhry. I have known to her in a professional capacity for many years. She has a prompt attitude and a pro-active personality. She has a very focused and methodological approach towards work. She always strives hard to do the best for her clients. I found her competent, responsible and true professional. She is very committed to her tasks and much enthusiastic to achieve the goals. Her professional manner and knowledge helps her to bring a successful conclusion in cases which are difficult and require a degree of sensitivity. Asmaa has all the attitudes and attributes a lawyer should have in dealing with legal work.”

    — M Ahmed

    Solicitor at The Oak Solicitors

  • “There are very few people like Asmaa Chaudhry, who has all the positive qualities. She is very sincere, loyal, self made and trust worthy. She has always impressed me with her unlimited all rounder qualities, dressing up and communication skills. Her character is gentle and humorous and I always found the pleasure of life in her company. In my eyes, she is perfect in all terms of qualities. I pray all the happiness surrounds her”.

    — Naheed Arbab Khan

    Fashion Designer at Naheed Boutique

  • “Asmaa Chaudhry is a warm hearted and kind person. A legal profession and a fantastic Radio Presenter engaging her audience with topical chat and Asian rhythm that gets you dancing in your chair, just as she does! I’m a fan, but also very honored to call her my friend”

    — Ian Hull

    Fan at Radio Show

  • “Asmaa Chaudhry is the kind of gem that people spend years trying to find. A deeply compassionate soul, she loves and help others altruistically”.

    — Zahida Kausar

    Friend at Community Project



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