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By Asma Chaudhry-“Depression is the inability to construct a future”. In depression a person cannot understand things properly. It is both physical and mental illness which affects your whole body, your mood and thinking, your behaviour and attitude. It totally modifies your vision about the ways of life, how and what to eat, your sleep, feeling and thinking about yourself. It changes your behaviour from positive to negative; even it changes your appetite dramatically. In this condition people cannot get out by themselves. It genuinely require proper treatment without which the symptoms of depression can last for months and sometimes for years, depending upon the condition and circumstances of the person . It causes disturbances in social as well family relationships.Depression can cause pain and sufferings not only to the depressed person but also the people who care for the victim.
Personal Experience Sometimes even the best medicine and healthcare is not enough for a full recovery. Because of meditation and yoga we’ve compiled to help our channel negative or angry thoughts into a happier and more productive positive outlook. I been suffered with depression then how did I change into positive way. It,s based on my personal experience.
How could I overcome on my depression.I was free from my studies for a while and wanted to utilize my spare time in a positive way and explore something new. I had heard about Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, but I had never enquired about them deeply before. When I met Juliette of Positive Thinking Class, she showed me the way how we can turn our life in a positive ways. After discovering this organization I found that I was the more ignorant than I thought. I started taking interest more and more in the world of Spirituality which opened my inner eye to the see the spiritual world. When I was introduced to Brahma Kumaris world Spiritual University, I found out about how our spirit in can forge a connection with the Supreme Soul (called GOD). I had no idea how meditation can change human thinking to the extent where a person feels that he is at one with himself and his life. I alwaysconcerned about the nutritional food what we take for our good health. I always cared about my external body’s needs but never ever thought about the needs of the soul. I discovered that our body is our costume but behind the role, our soul plays an important part in any act like choosing food for the body or selecting clothes for our external body. When I started meditation and positive thinking classes, for the first time it was a totally different experience for me. Before that I never had such kind of sensational feeling in my life.  Here I realised that I am the inner being conscious point of spiritual energy which can’t be seen by the physical eyes.  At that time I felt that I’m the soul sat just above, behind the eyes inside the brain but separate from the brain. My experience was the brain felt like the computer and I, the soul an like a programmer. Themain task of my soul is to bring the body to life. Without the soul the body can’t express itself. Day by day, as I started to meditation on regular basis I became aware of many feelings about my self. I found many powers and qualities such as purity, peace, love, happiness, wisdom and truth within me. I discovered that the Supreme Soul is an ocean of such kind of above such qualities and powers. The time of meditation I realised the existence of such energy. I felt that those powers of love, peace, happiness and truth are transmitting from the Supreme Soul and being absorbed in my own soul. Then I felt that those powers of love peace happiness and truth are actually radiating from my body which look like rainbow spreading from my self to others.

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