Medical Cure by Yoga, Asana and Pranayama

What is Yoga

‘Yoga’ is a fundamental graphics kind which is exercised in India for many Centuries as a direction of releasing the mind, body and soul from the muddle of life. Presently, Yoga has also turn highly democratic in India and in the West. There are many Yoga centres not only in India, but the rest of the countries catering everything from –in depth courses.

Yoga is applied to obstruct the formula of consciousness in human beings. Basically, Yoga entails union. It is an arrangement which incorporates the body, mind and spirit.  Yoga has been developed and practised in India for many years. Yoga is not a religion but it is a science. There are fourth way of Yoga are Karma Yoga- the way of selfless avail, bhakthi Yoga- the way of devotion, Jnana Yoga-they way of cognition and Raja Yoga- the way of operating the mind.

Who can do Yoga

Any one can do practised of Yoga disregarded of age, sex and physical ability. In the modern and technological world, Yoga and its various postures have been discovered to be cure for many diseases.

Basically, Yoga is not merely kind of exercise. It is a mixture of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. Yoga holds five primary components to achieving a perfect balance. Postures or ‘Asaana’ cater the basis compounded with different breathing techniques which are called ‘Pranayamas’, mantras or sounds and concentration of ‘Dharana’ techniques ready the person for a  last level of soothing and relaxation and reflection in meditation.

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